The Big ThreeEdit

Elk, Eagle, and Bear. Choose one, or rough it alone. 

Elk ClanEdit

Dynamic and hardy, the Elk Clan is best known for the constant infighting and rivalry between its clansmen. The typical Elk Clan member is brave, consistent, and tough.

Eagle ClanEdit

Efficient and well-organized, the Eagle Clan considers itself the noblest clan of the major clans, and the clanless as half-beasts barely worthy of having as slaves. The typical Eagle Clan member is thoughtful, arrogant and capable.

An Important asociation among the Eagles is the Brotherhood of the Battleaxe,first counsellors of the Lynx Clan,joined the founder of the Clan: Kokko the Eagle after the Battle at the Hillfort.

Kokko the Eagle was a powerful man amongst the Lynx seizing such power that he even built a Castle at the Stag Peak.The other Clansmen seeing him as a danger allied against him and tried to bring him down in one final battle.That was the Battle at the Hillfort,were against their expectations Kokko won weakening the Lynx Clan.

The Eagle Clan was born to rival the remainings of the old Lynx Clan allied against Kokko since then the Eagles has hunted the descendants to ensure Kokko's leagacy.The Eagles struggle to keep their status and live up to their ancestor pride and expectations.

Bear ClanEdit

Old and proud, the Bear Clan is best known for its resistance to any change and its adherence to even the most archaic costums. Members of the Bear Clan are typically strong, old-fashioned and keen to defend their Clan's honor.


Life can be dangerous outside the protection of the major clans. Those who do not have the protection of their clansmen are often solitary, suspicious of other and cautious, and known as wildlings.

Lynx Clan Edit

An old and almost destroyed clan with an extreme grudge against the Eagle Clan, the Lynx Clan now has its only known surviving member living in Limbwood, however the last of a lost clan perk seems to imply this was your clan.

During The quest "A Feud Not Forgotten" a member of the eagles reveals that the Brotherhood of the Battleaxe keep the banner of your ancestors' clan.

On the Quest,The Lynx Banner(only if you are Clanless),the main character decides to follow a member of the Eagle Clan and finds himself in front of old Eagle's chiefs which keep the banner of the forgotten clan.After the experience you can expose the recovered banner filling the space of the White clanless banner.

During these quest it is also revealed the past of the Lynx Clan(if you choose the let them go option) by the members of the Brotherhood of the Battleaxe.Many years ago the members of the Eagle Clan and the Lynx were one and the Brotherhood offered them wise council for generations.But the Lynx Clan grew too powerful and strong men filled with lust for power rallied bands of warriors around themselves and fought for power.

Kokko the Eagle was the strongest of them all strong enough to challenge the Brotherhood itself.He built the mighty fort at the top of Stag Peak to consolidate his power but the others protested and make an alliance against him.Then the Battle at the Hillfort followed being a bitter and bitter struggle leaving the Lynx Clan ruined.To distinguish his followers from the Lynx that were allies against him,Kokko had put a banner with an eagle despicted on it.After the Battle at the Hillfort he forbade the use of the Lynx Banner and hunted everyone who use it with fanatical zeal.

Weary of fighting the surviving Lynx Clansmen either submitted to Kokko's or hide themselves along the clanless.The Few survivors of the Brotherhood of the Battleaxe swear to erase the memory of the Lynx Banner,Following Kokko's legacy they protect the Eagle Banner with their lives.If you follow this route you can't get the banner of your ancient clan.

Also being a Lynx Clan member is the only way to pass through the Bridge of Truth in Thickwood without fighting being the only correct answer to the second question of the guard.Another extra quest in Thickwood,an eagle clan member reveals that the treasure of the land was gathered by the Lynx Clan and tries to kill the main character.

A Lynx's Costume is available on the shop if you are a clanless that followed,"The Last of an Old Clan" storyline.