The Mighty Bear of Furbay
Vital statistics
Position Warrior
Age Unknown
Status Mighty Bear
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Lysa of Furbay is a renowned female warrior that hails from the land of Furbay.She holds the title "Mighty Bear of Furbay" which gives away to her high status in the Bear Clan.She reveals that Axes are her favourite weapon.

The Main Character meets Lysa on the quest "Warrior from Furbay" in search of allies.She mainly rejects your offer and as revenge the main character can fight Lysa to the death.Lysa only accepts your alliance offer if you're a member of the Bear Clan but refuses to marry you no matter the clan you're in.

On the Quest "" Lysa comes to the Main Character to honor The alliance between them,the objective is to stop two important Clan members(Eagle Chief and Elk Chief) from allying against the Bear Clan.

On the Quest "The Broadbite",Lysa encourages the main character to obtain The Broadbite a mighty weapon held by a man named Joseph Broadbite.She seems to hold herself in high regard claiming to be unstoppable in battle.