This is a list of quests in Sword and Glory in no particular order:

The Fairest Maiden


Warrior of Furbay

Mother's Berry Troubles


The Ogler

The Lichen Treasure

Pagan Hero in Distress

Stolen Cross

The Eternal Tournament

Proof of Worth

The Old Man

Welcome Traders!

Northern Trading

Trader's Investment

New Trader

Fight Club

The Glorius Tournament

The Last of a Lost Clan

For Wealth

Unpleasant Smug

The Lair of Bandits

Trader Seeking Protection

Trader's Prosperity

Trader's Friend in Need

The Thing

Guard Duty

Threatening Foreigner

The Shady Proposition



Signs of Trouble

Slave Agitator

Slaver on the Hunt

Stolen Sister


Proposal in Daylight

Brother's Fishing Troubles

Threat of Foreign Scouts

Hunting Accident

The Tax Collector

Uninvited to a Wedding

If there is a quest you know that you don't find on this list, please add it.

The true point of questing is to always do the quests from your mom and make her hate you, if you do this long enough you will unlock one final quest where your mom and a hired sword gang up on you and you have to kill her.