There are three options regarding to religious beliefs, two of them are actually religions and the other is going worldly.


"Baptized follower of Lord Jesus Christ, Saint Peter, and Virgin Mary."

The first option is Christianity, the main religion of today along with Islam and Hinduism. This is actually catholicism.

Their Equipment options are Christian Shield and Crusader's Vest, and its symbol is the cross.

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"Follower of the Old Ways. Seeks guidance and favors from ancestors, nature and various spirits"

This option is related to the shamanic religions of old. Their symbol is the drum, the tree and the horned hood.

Their equipment options are the Pagan Warpaint and the Pagan Shield.

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Worldly Edit

"Things must be seen to be believed in. There are enough problems in the real world without people making up all kinds of strange stories. There probably are no such things as spirits, dragons or giraffes."

This option is the in-game equivalent of atheism.

There is no Worldly-specific equipment.