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In Sword and Glory there is a variety of different weapons to choose from, some of which apply different bonuses to your character.


Swords are the main and most widely used weapon in swords and glory. They are used to attack and damage your enemy by using the three attacks: power strike which beats fast strike, fast strike which beats careful strike, and careful strike which beats power strike. They are bought with Silver mostly, but the stronger ones are bought with Epic Points. Unlike the shields, they do not have clan or religion specific variations.


Shields are used to temporarily increase your defence or to Shield Bash. There are normal shields, bought with Silver, flagged shields, which are decorated with the colors of various countries and are aquired with Epic Points and special shields, which apply various bonuses and bought with Epic Points.

Normal ShieldsEdit

Basic Shield Christian Shield Cross Pattern Shield Red & Black Arrows Shield Red & Yellow Shield Red & Yellow Swirl Shield Sun Shield Striped Shield Sun Shield White & Red Cross Shield White & Red Shield

Flagged ShieldsEdit

Colors of Belgium Colors of Brazil Colors of Bulgaria Colors of Canada Colors of China Colors of Czech Republic Colors of Denmark Colors of Estonia Colors of Finland Colors of France Colors of Germany Colors of Hungary Colors of Iceland Colors of Italy Colors of Jamaica Colors of Japan Colors of Mexico Colors of Netherlands Colors of Norway Colors of Poland Colors of Portugal Colors of Russia Colors of Slovakia Colors of Spain Colors of Sweden Colors of Switzerland Colors of Turkey Colors of United Kingdom Colors of Ukraine Colors of USA

Special ShieldsEdit

Black & Yellow Cross Shield Blue Star Shield Bronze Targe Foreign Sigil Shield Green Serpent Shield Serpent Shield Steel Cross The Red Dragon The Redtangle Vortex Shield Word Tree Shield Yellow Star Shield